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Delfini del ponente APS gathers together people of different ages, academic backgrounds and expertise, however, we all have a common purpose: Identify Important Natural Areas and promote their protection.
We are also relentlessly committed to sharing our naturalistic discoveries to inform people about the rich biodiversity of Western Liguria and to emphasize the importance of preserving it.


The stories of the interns who participated in our activities.

Dolphins made me braver!

I’ve never been very brave, but this internship made me face my fears: to interact with people I don’t know and to try new experiences. I’ll go home braver. I had my first surf lesson, travel alone by train, saw dolphins, birds, fish and geckos. I will never thank enough these people!


Are you a student? Have you just graduated? …. Do you fancy joining us at sea?
Delfini del Ponente’s formation program allows you to take part in every aspect of the research, from collecting field data to their analyses. In order to participate, a minimum of 30 days commitment is required.

You will learn to spot and identify the many species of cetaceans and seabirds; to collect data following scientific protocols; to recognize dolphins from their dorsal fins performing the photo-identification technique and to use a specific mapping software to visualize and analyze the sightings distribution.
You’ll be working as part of an international, young and very passionate team.
Join us for a 360° researcher experience!


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