A dream come true: the fin whale!
Last updates from Imperia.

In the past weeks me and the others had seen many species. We hadn’t seen yet the one on top of my list: the fin whale. A dream come true! I didn’t want to leave Imperia without a whale sighting.

A few days ago me, Saoirse and Emma went for a whale-watching tour on the Corsara. During previous whale watching surveys, we spotted sperm whales, so there were good chances to see a whale as it’s easier to spot one from a big motor vessel then from a little dinghy.

For two hours we didn’t see absolutely anything and we all had started to get nervous…But suddenly there it was: a whale! With its tall and vertical blow my first whale!

From the top of the vessel, I could admire its huge size: amazing!

It is the second biggest animal of the planet, the biggest is the blue whale. The whale was very relaxed, not bothered at all by us. It idly and slowly dived and resurfaced many times. The water was so transparent t was easy to follow its movements underwater. With no doubt it has been one of my favourite sightings!

I’m very happy I managed to see a whale just a few days from the end of my experience with Delfini del Ponente. I’ll go back home with this amazing memory and will tell everyone I saw the second largest animal on the planet.