If I go back a few months in time, I would have never imagined living alone with two complete strangers, and 10,894 km away from home !!

Before arriving in Imperia, everything was uncertain. I had no idea what to expect, where I would live, or who I would live with. However, all my doubts vanished when I entered the house and found Emma, my first roommate, waiting for me with a warm smile. A few hours later, Andrea arrived, and that’s when our exciting adventure began.

English, Spanish, German, and even a little Italian. Vegetarian, vegan, and very spicy food too. Three different people from three completely different countries, spending 24 hours a day together.

As the time went by, we started getting to know each other better, and we realized that we had a lot in common. During our stay in Imperia, we spent hours and hours cooking together, watching our favorite TV show. Even though our musical tastes weren’t exactly the same, we managed to adapt perfectly. I will never forget our trips during our free days, the runnings trying not to miss the trains, the excitement we felt every time we saw a new species from the zodiac. And also our first experience surfing in the rain !

For a whole month, I had the opportunity to learn about them and their cultures, just as they learned about me. In spite of our differences, from the very first day we knew how to get along as if we had known each other for years.

I am convinced that my stay in Imperia would have been as enriching and unforgettable as it certainly was, but undoubtedly, with these (now familiar) strangers, it became an even more special experience.

Thank you guys !