Discover all the opportunities we offer to learn and experience western Liguria biodiversity!

During the summertime, we organize snorkeling tours. After a brief introduction about the most common Mediterranean organisms, we’ll swim to admire the incredible richness in biodiversity of the western Liguria seabed. You only need to bring a mask and a snorkel!
Our biologist will help you discover a lot of interesting fauna and flora such as: Damselfish fish, breams, golden breams and octopuses; as well as a huge variety of colorful sponges, seaweeds, invertebrates and Posidonia (an endemic and endangered marine plant)!
Tours are suitable for both children and adults.
Requirements to participate are: feel comfortable in the water, be an average swimmer and have a mask. We’ll group people according to their experience level to make the trip pleasant and fun for everyone!

In order to highlight the many naturalistic beauties of western Liguria we organize guided birdwatching events along rivers and creeks. These low impact activities allow us to observe birds in their natural environment whilst respecting and safeguarding their ecology.
Spring is the season with the highest species richness; some typical birds we can see are the bluethroat, the purple heron, the little crake, the black-winged stilt and the garganey!
Fall also offers many surprises: the dunlin, the northern shoveler, the little grebe and the Eurasian wigeon. However, these are only a few of the birds we may spot in autumn!
During these activities, important data are collected and shared on dedicated websites and online platforms in order to be available for ornithologists and keen birdwatchers.
Birdwatching is suitable for people of any age; we advise you to bring binoculars, cameras or telescopes to get a closer look.

Delfini del Ponente Association was born out of the desire to spread an environmental culture based on respect and protection of the marine ecosystem; for this reason, we consider as most important, the activities that involve children, families and enthusiastic or curious people!
We arrange/organize educational events in the evenings, aperitives, lectures and conferences to share our initiatives, projects and scientific findings.
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For us biologists, an encounter with a dolphin or a whale is everyday work, but it always generates excitements for the opportunity to be in the company of these amazing animals.
This is the reason why we want to share the wonders of our sea with those who don’t normally have the opportunity to join us on our boat.
What’s better than educate people about the Ligurian sea and Pelagos Sanctuary biodiversity than by using the photos we take during our surveys? Following this idea, in 2019, Delfini del Ponente’s first photographic exhibit took place during the ‘Vele d’Epoca’ event in Imperia.
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