Discover all the opportunities to learn and explore the biodiversity of the Western Ligurian Sea with our Association!

From 2022 we are part of the Centre for the Environmental Education of the Imperia Municipality with which we collaborate to organise activities for schools and the general public to share knowledge and raise awareness of our environment.


Following a brief introduction on the most common organisms that can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, we will snorkel to admire the rich marine ecosystems of the Western Ligurian Sea.

Naval Museum of Imperia

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Environmental education activities

Possibility to explore, virtually and with games and laboratories, the multiple habitats of the Mediterranean Sea and its incredible biodiversity.

Our Association present multiple offers of activities mainly aimed at primary and middle schools, that can be modified to target specific age class. During our activities it will bbe possible to explore, virtually and through games and laboratories, the various habitats of the Mediterranean Sea and its incredible biodiversity. Between the activities that we offer we have a simulation of a cetacean stranding event and how to act, the adoption of a dolphin found in the Western Ligurian Sea, the simulation of the research of a sea turtle nest!

Public events to raise awareness

Multiple types of events are open to children, families, and people interested in nature conservation, to divulge a culture of respect and raise awareness on the protection of the marine environment.

The Delfini del Ponente Association was created to raise awareness and respect for the protection of the marine environment. This is why activities of environmental divulgation are among the ones that we consider most important. These are aimed at all age classes: children, families, and enthusiasts of the sea! We organise public presentations in the evenings, Aperi-dolphins, lectures, birdwatching events, seminars and conferences to share what we do as an Association and our discoveries.

Even if, for us biologists, a sighting of bottlenose dolphins or fin whales can be considered “normal” and routine, it is always an event full of wonder and enthusiasm! That’s why we want to share these experiences with people who do not have the opportunity and privilege to see these animals in the wild.

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