I’m Sara from Portugal. Here, I describe a bit of my experience during my internship at Delfini del Ponente.

Finishing my degree in Marine Biology, uncertain about my professional future, and afraid to leave my country, I never would have guessed that my stay in Imperia would be so rewarding. Making friends from all corners of the world, adapting to a different culture, and learning about so many different aspects of Marine Biology was undoubtedly an experience that allowed me to explore my personal and professional development.

Every boat trip was a new adventure, a new opportunity to observe something new and fall in love all over again with a new animal, a new individual, or simply seeing the ones we had already spotted, which never lost their charm. Despite long surveys and lots of seasickness, all the effort was rewarded as soon as someone shouted that they had made a sighting.

Even though I thought this would be the most interesting part, every lecture presented brought out a new feeling—the desire to learn more and understand the vastness of this field, as well as the countless opportunities within it.

Of course, there was also the full immersion in the Italian culture, where for me, the largest part of my happiness came from the food. Pasta, pesto, cheese, and cappuccino with focaccia during a morning at the office—being a bit Italian during this time made this adventure incomparable.

If you have the opportunity to participate in this internship, don’t hesitate. Imperia and its magnificent cetaceans are waiting to surprise you as they did me !