Here I am again to talk to you about our activities at the end of July and in the first few days of August.

The last few days of July went by in the blink of an eye, unfortunately. We not only had a few office days, but we also did a few surveys on the zodiac and two days onboard the Corsara. Friday the 30th, after an office day ended with Davide saying his goodbye to Linn and Marco, we decided to go cycling.

Me and Linn took the bus, while Marco met us at the renting station in San Lorenzo al Mare with his bike. Our original plan was to cycle all the way to Sanremo and then come back, but the renting point closed quite early, so we decided to reach Ospedaletti and come back by bus from Sanremo. Even if our initial plan did not work, we still managed to spend a wonderful afternoon admiring the beautiful Ligurian coast during our last trip all together.

The following day we managed to book a place for dinner in a really good restaurant/pizzeria in Imperia and, after eating, we had a nice and relaxing walk to the Parasio together with Francesca, the marine biologist onboard the Corsara.

And then it was the day of Linn’s and Marco’s departure. It was quite a sad moment, but we promised one another to meet up again, maybe in Sweden.

These first few days of August, due to bad weather, we are working in the office. Beatrice and Giovanni are listening to the various presentations on the work of the project, while I am working primarily on photo-id. The forecast for the next few days it’s still not good, but hopefully by the start of next week we will be able to go out in the sea.

As always, I’ll keep you updated,

Talk to you soon,