Hello everyone !
My name is Giulia, I’m an animal and sea lover!

I will be doing an internship with Delfini del Ponente this September. I’m from Viterbo, but I lived five years in Siena as an off-campus student. During my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Natural Sciences, I spent five months in Helsinki with the Erasmus for Studies program. After graduating in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability (Master’s Degree) at the same University, I moved to Tromsø (Norway) for a second Erasmus experience. However, this time I was an intern at the Norwegian Polar Institute, where I still work as an employee.

As you may have understood, I really enjoy travelling, living in new places and meeting new people. I find the cultural exchange to be an enrichment and I love improving myself with people with different opinions from mine. I also was a volunteer in a hostel for more than a month, so I’m definitely highly adaptable.

On top of that, I’m mostly interested in the marine environment and in marine species. I’m a scuba diver as well, and even though I’m not an expert yet, I’m working on it! Specifically, I am fascinated by marine mammals, this is why I decided to join Delfini del Ponente for an internship which will be an opportunity to learn and put into practice cetacean monitoring techniques myself. Indeed, I never did these things before, although I worked with many different species related to the marine environment: from penguins to sea turtles to Arctic foxes and polar bears.

Finally, in the future, I would like to take a PhD and specialize in Ecotoxicology and conservation of marine mammals, and I’m sure that the competencies I will learn during this experience will be very useful to me.