Annie and the marvellous Villa Grock

Hey guys,

It is Annie here: let’s talking about the marvellous Villa Grock…and a great pizza!

Last week after work all the interns met up with Davide to go to the grand re-opening of the marvellous Villa Grock (Museo del Clown). The museum was once the home of the famous Swiss entertainer, Adrien Wettach. Inside the museum, you can see beautiful art and stunning architecture. The outside of the home had massive fountains and intricate gardens. It was quite interesting to see; I have never previously been to a clown museum!

My favourite part of the evening though was going out to dinner with all the other interns and the two intern coordinators. I find it to be quite fun engaging with people from different countries. Everyone has stories and jokes to share:) We went to a pizza place I had never been to, and I might have had one of the most delicious pizzas of my life to date. It was only our second time eating out, and both times I got pizza. I will probably keep saying “I just ate the best pizza of my life” until I leave for home!!

It was a great night hanging out with everyone. Our nights out together are always my favourites. :)