One of the most beautiful days I have experienced so far in Liguria was the first time I did birdwatching.

That day Enrico Carta, a very skilled ornithologist, gave us a basic lesson about birds identification and what species are more likely to be sighted in Liguria. A very interesting class!

We then went on a riverbank in Oneglia bringing with us just our binoculars. We observed different species such as: cormorants, egrets, different types of gulls, mallards, and the gorgeous kingfisher!

What amazed me the most, was that the only tool you need for birdwatching are binoculars. They allow you to observe details that would be lost if you’d be looking with the naked eye. We spent the afternoon admiring and studying the plumage patterns and the behaviour without disturbing the animals. Enrico can recognize bird species after peering to them for just a few seconds: amazing!

After birdwatching, my roommates and I went to admire a vibrant sunset on the seafront. I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to engaging in new adventures!!

Greta Dotto