Birdwatching with Enrico

2021-10-26T17:45:20+02:00October 26th, 2021|

La giornata si è conclusa ammirando un bel tramonto. One of the best days spent in Liguria was when I did birdwatching the ornithologist Enrico Carta. We observed many species in Oneglia with our binoculars: a way to admire animals colors and behaviors without disturbing them.

Waiting for the spermwhale

2021-09-18T18:52:02+02:00September 18th, 2021|

The first day on the Corsara was unforgettable. After many hours of search we finally spot a sperm whale that dives before we can reach it. We decided to wait for it to resurface. After 45 minutes here it was…no they were two!We approached to admire those beautiful creatures before they leave us.

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