Discovering cetaceans’ world.

Hello everyone, my name is Giovanni, I’m from Treviso and I’m currently studying at the University of Padua. I’m in my third year of Veterinary Medicine, and contrariwise to many others who have posted on this blog before me, my passion for cetaceans and the sea in general started later in life, more specifically at university. In fact, I was lucky enough to talk with members of CERT (Cetacean strandings Emergency Response Team) in Padua. And I was, therefore, able to approach this world from an anatomical point of view thanks to many books and the skeletons that are present in the museum. Because of Covid, we weren’t given the opportunity to view livestock animals in the necroscopy room, so naturally I couldn’t approach the cetacean topic from a practical point of view, but I hope to make up for it in the future.

I got to learn about the Delfini del Ponente group because in January I started looking up internships to learn something more about this field. During my social-media research, I came across one of their Instagram posts, and upon Dr. Centelleghe’s (CERT) suggestion, I contacted them. Now I am thrilled to know so little about this field and how they work as a team, because this will allow me to learn how they work on the other side of the coin, and to understand where to direct my future studies.

The cetacean world is undoubtedly fascinating, and I hope to get to know it all around. I am sure it will be an amazing experience, especially to approach research during my first years of study.

See you soon!