I took my first surf lesson thanks to Diano Surf and Delfini del Ponente. It was honestly both super fun and difficult, I fell so many times I couldn’t taste anything but salt at the end! Somehow I managed to surf one wave at the end. I was very happy to have gathered my courage and tried it.

I usually feel very uncomfortable when I have to interact with people I don’t know or when I need to confront myself with new experiences.

I don’t think I’m a brave person. I was scared when I had to get on the train to Imperia, to meet the team, on my first survey and office day, and when I went alone to a Birdwatching event. But I still did all of this!

I will never regret getting on that train! This internship forced me to face my fears although I can’t say that it was easy.

For the first time I saw a moonrise! I’ve seen dolphins, birds, fishes, super cute spiders and geckos. I met passionate and amazing people who taught me a lot helping me growing and becoming a better person.

The dolphins, or should I say the idea of seeing them, convinced me to do this internship. After many sightings, I still have my fears, but I will leave fascinated and a bit braver than I was. I will never thank these people enough!

Zoe Benevolo