Our Minke whale encounter:

Before coming to Imperia, I had only ever encountered a few dolphins for cetaceans. Our two sightings of fin whales were thus already very much marvelous experiences for me. Nevertheless, our incredible month would not stop there.

On a calm, quiet survey, unexpectedly something appears in the distance. Too big for a dolphin, too small for another fin whale, we approach unsure of what awaited us. It emerges again, a white band on the flippers confirms it: a Minke Whale!
Indeed an occasional visitor of these waters, we were privileged enough to get quite close as the whale slowly became accustomed to us and our zodiac. We followed its feeding patterns; it did not go too far, not for too long. Until eventually, it took a deep breath, a long dive, and decided to leave us.
Although excitement and amazement were obviously in the air from such a surprise, I only remember one word from the encounter: majestic. At the difference of dolphins which seek out more interactions, are overall more playful, bustling with energy, the Minke whale cared not for our timers, our predicted trajectories. It glided peacefully in its own world, with its own preoccupations. The sighting was serene, less hectic than all the previous ones.

What was to be definitely the most thrilling event of our surveys, I felt was on the contrary the most tranquil. I was able to truly appreciate the beauty of the animal in all its movements.