Hello everyone!
Below my first days in Imperia and my first sightings at sea!

I arrived in Imperia on 1st September, I got to visit the city, which immediately fascinated me a lot.

Already after a few days, even if the weather was not the best to go out on a nautical dinghy, we had the opportunity to make the first outing on the Corsara, a Whale Watching boat.

It was a unique and very exciting experience, it was both my first time at sea and the first time I had the opportunity to see live cetaceans. That day in fact both a group of dolphins and a sperm whale were sighted, whose sight left me truly breathtaking.

However, the sightings were made by Andrea and the Corsara staff. So the desire to make my first sighting remained, it was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to spot something before everyone else, to make it even more interesting!

Early in the next few days, the weather allowed us to make the first boat trips. I was very motivated to learn all about the survey activities but, above all, to be the first to spot bottlenose dolphins this month.

The first two days of survey were unfortunately without dolphins. On the third day, after 7 hours at sea we were all very tired.  We were almost returning home when, right in front of Imperia, I see a couple of bottlenose dolphins swimming toward us, and others kept coming up.

Despite the tiredness, it was truly a great emotion when they approached us we were able to ascertain that it was a very large group, of about twenty individuals! So we spent some time with them. We took photos and videos, to be able to make photo identification of the individuals later on.

And so I returned home with great satisfaction, and very excited. It was certainly the most beautiful trip to sea for now! Waiting for other days like these with my first sightings at sea.