My name is Evelina and I’m here to discover the world of marine mammals!
I’m an Environmental Science student at the University of Bologna, in Ravenna, I come from Rimini, but I have Ukrainian origin.

In the first place, I started studying the environment initially as a fallback. Indeed, I was not very interested in it. But as I went on with the years and with my studies, I began to become more passionate about geology, biology… And especially to the ocean, which until then it had always seemed to me like something very far from my field of study and interest.

When the time came to choose the internship to do in the third year of my studies, I had in mind the goal I wanted to achieve. To live a unique experience, out of my comfort zone, something that would make me discover and learn new things.
However, I still had no idea what to look for.

Besides, at that time I was also thinking about the topic of the degree thesis, which will focus on the ocean. Therefore, I started looking for something in the marine environment. So I found this project, which immediately interested and impressed me with the monitoring activities. I was curious about the world of marine mammals!

Finally, I decided that doing the internship with Delfini Del Ponente would be the perfect opportunity for me, as well as a great way to help and support such important research activity. I am very happy to contribute to both research and awareness-raising activities.