Hello Annie, in love with waves!


My name is Annie Brigham, and I am from the United States. I live in Northwest Indiana- very close to Chicago! I just graduated this May from university with a bachelor of science in physics :)

My fascination with the ocean started as a curiosity about the waves. I fell in love with waves! I wanted to know how they worked, and why they happened. I have always had a desire to know why the universe behaves the way it does.

I decided that after undergrad, I would take a break from the quantitative sciences. I wanted to learn more about the animals that lie beneath the waves. I came to DDP because I want to know more about how cetaceans are being impacted by anthropogenic activities.

After this year, I plan to go to graduate school for ocean engineering. I want to study ocean acoustics, and I hope to use my cetacean knowledge to help create solutions or quieter machinery to minimize the noise hurting marine life.

In my free time, I enjoy boxing, rollerblading, and swimming. I am constantly listening to music, and I enjoy playing the piano as well. I recently got into drawing pencil portraits, and I wake up early to watch the sunrise and work on my drawings :)