Hello everyone!
My name is Nicola Pesce, from the Adriatic to the Ligurian Sea!

I’m 22 years old and I come from Cesena. I’m studying Environmental Science in Ravenna and, after the three-year degree, I will probably carry out marine biology in Ancona.

I chose to do an internship with Delfini del Ponente because I’ve always had a passion for marine fauna and the sea since I was a child. Therefore it’s an opportunity since I had never seen and studied marine fauna in their natural habitat before.

In addition, the choice was also influenced by the context because in the past I had been a couple of times in the Ligurian coast and I liked it a lot.

Finally, I was driven to do this experience by the curiosity of spending a lot of time on a boat or on a dinghy because I’ve never got so much the opportunity to do it in the past.