Hello everyone !

My name is Myrtille and I’m on my third year of Biology at the University of Bordeaux.

I come from a small city in the southwest of France, surrounded by the sea.

I have always loved sciences and animals but I only l recently discovered a passion for marine biology.

Since my father is a sailor, I’ve always felt a deep connection with the sea, although I didn’t consider it as a career for most of my life. I recently realized that my love for the ocean and my curiosity about science can be combined to protect marine species.

I hope to learn I can about  dolphins and so far I’m very happy about the first few days at Delfini del Ponente!

We had marine mammals ecology and photo-ID lectures, and we have been taught how to conduct a sea survey. This is a multidisciplinary internship were researchers also focus on marine birds and the other marine mammals!

In my hometown, sometimes dolphins or seals get lost in the bay without being able to find their way back to the Atlantic Ocean. The need of people able to take care of them while protecting their habitats is of the utmost importance.

Since Delfini del Ponente research techniques are not invasive, I reckon they are the best way to achieve this and I’m glad to give my little contribution. 😊