My name is Zoe, I’m French and lived in Paris until the end of high school. After that, I moved to Toulouse to fulfil my studies In Biology. After I graduated, I finally entered AgroParisTech in Paris.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been passionate about nature. It’s an infinite source of wonder and the most precious thing this planet has to offer.

Growing up, I became more and more conscious of the threats that are weighing on it. That’s why I finally decided to work in the ecosystems management sector and do my best to allow humans and nature to live together in a symbiotic relationship.

My other passions are reading, photography, and music, hiking and swimming. I also practice archery since college, and I started scuba diving this year.

During my studies, I learned a lot on flora and terrestrial ecosystems such as forests, grasslands, and mountains. So, when I saw Delfini del Ponente’s internship offer, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to learn about the sea!

It’s only been few days since my arrival, but we already did a couple of surveys and saw lots of seabirds, bottlenose and striped dolphins and even a sun fish! I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

I had never seen cetaceans before arriving here… Sooo cool!

Zoe Benevolo