Unfortunately, for the past week, we’ve had bad weather. The time spent in the office was nice and very interesting but, after a while, the urge to go outside crept in…So, what’s better than to go on a hike?!

Francesca and Joshua were craving to spend our day off exploring as well! We started the day with a lovely breakfast in Bordighera, we then went to Rocchetta Nervina, made of beautiful traditional Italian buildings piled on each other, overviewing the river that runs through the village, and where a few cafes populate the little main square.

We set off on the path nestled between the mountainside and the river. Its patches of turquoise waters were so inviting that we eventually ended up stopping by one of them! I strongly recommend this hike, the view is breathtaking and along the path there is a beautiful refuge.

Better though to go in the summertime as the river waters a pretty cold….Anyway, this didn’t stop me from having a swim!

Nicolas Subsol