For the month of August, I have been working as an intern for Delfini del Ponente. I am glad that I have had this experience to see what it is like researching cetaceans. What was interesting to me was that no two days were the same. In our month, we were able to go out on many surveys, however the intern coordinators mentioned that the daily life of this job varies between office days, boat surveys, running snorkelling tours and more. I also found it extremely interesting and useful to speak with our supervisors and learn about what it’s like to run and work for a smaller organisation like this one. On our survey days there were always surprises, we might see loads of animals or see nothing at all. What was also interesting to me was how weather dependent our days were. If the conditions were good, then we would be out as much as possible to take advantage and try to spot some dolphins! My favourite animals to see were loggerhead sea turtles—and we’ve seen three so far this month! I also enjoyed getting the chance to spend so much time in Imperia and become so familiar with the area. On our days off we were able to take day trips and go snorkelling at the beach. I also really enjoyed the fresh summer fruits and vegetables. I’m grateful for the experience of being able to research cetaceans and live in Imperia for the month.