Since I was a child, I have been a big fan of the sea. I am in love with the sound of the waves, with the smell of salt water and with the fascinating abundance of species in the sea. My biology teacher encouraged me to do an internship in marine biology after my graduation. That was one of the best
decisions I have ever made! Already on our third day with Delfini del Ponente we went on a survey and we had an incredible amount of luck, because we saw a lot of bottlenose dolphins. The uniqueness and the different characteristics of each individual are captivating me over and over again. We were able to see elegant jumps, playful surfing on waves, mothers with their calves and playing juveniles. This was a breath-taking experience! But in addition to all the amazement, research was not neglected either. Even with eyes shining with enthusiasm, we filled out observation forms and collected data. In addition to field work, we also learn how to evaluate the images of the surveys and by which characteristics an individual can be identified. Unbelievably exciting!

I am very thankful for my time here that connects me with people who love the sea and all its organisms with the same enthusiasm as I do. A nice side effect of this internship is the beautiful region we are living in. The old town of Imperia as well as the ice cream shops are definitely worth one or more visits. Also, the small town Cervo, which can be reached in just thirty minutes by bus, is a beautiful place to visit. You can walk through the small alleys and enjoy the great view in front of the church “San Giovanni Baptiste” on the Mediterranean and the coast.

These are just a few examples of how the days off can be well filled.