my name is Olivia and I am eighteen years old. I come from the United States and I will be going to college for Wildlife Conservation and Ecology. I grew up and still live in the coastal state of New Jersey where I have spent every summer by the ocean with my family and friends.

I have always had a passion for animals and nature, I have always surrounded myself with people who can help me learn about wildlife (marine life specifically) and provide me with an immersive experience.

I plan to practice law; however, I will do so with a focus on the environment. I’m a very healthy and fit person. I have played sports my entire life: soccer, volleyball, wrestling and field hockey. I would also like to become a physical fitness trainer as a side-profession.

I believe that my experience here at Delfini del Ponente will provide me with a better idea as to how to pursue my goals when it comes to environmental law. I believe that being around people so passionate about marine animals will further inspire me to protect the environment.

Olivia Thomas