Throughout my stay in Imperia, I was fortunate enough to adventure within and around the city. From running on bike trails to walking through vibrant city streets, the beauty of Italy never failed to amaze me. I often spent afternoons admiring the architecture of San Maurizio and watching the sunset in front of Oratorio di Saint Pietro.

The nearby beaches, with their crystal-clear water, were perfect for snorkeling. I had never seen so many thriving flowers, overflowing from balconies and lining the streets. Fragrant blooming jasmine and honeysuckle always made my walks much more enjoyable.

On my off days, if I wasn’t painting or enjoying a cappuccino at a local café, I would catch the train to a nearby town. I spent most of my days traveling with my film camera, taking pictures of intricately built churches and vividly painted buildings. I also took the time to enjoy local cuisine and particularly loved anything flavored with pistachio.

As a car enthusiast, a highlight was going to Monaco to see an F1 practice session, which was a very memorable day. I also recommend visiting the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco; its architecture is unmatched. Even though I saw a lot during my stay, the city that surprised me the most was Imperia. There was simply nothing like seeing San Maurizio on the hill and the snowcapped Alps in the distance during a clear morning on the water.