I’m accustomed to living an American life but I do greatly appreciate the quality of life I’m currently living in Italy. To some it may be a challenge, it is for me to a certain point, but my past experiences and my Spanish knowledge make it easier.

Italian is a very unique language, however there are similarities to Spanish that make it somewhat easier to comprehend from a foreigner’s perspective. Being in the city of Imperia is such a nice change because it gives me a different perspective of the Italian culture and way of living.

It doesn’t feel overwhelming staying in a new city because I have been exposed to many cultures my life. One of the many cultural aspects I will surely appreciate is the food. Italian food will always have a place in my heart because of the time, taste and dedication that gets placed into the cooking.

There’s so much I enjoy about living here that I may consider moving here for some time to get the full experience of living in a different country. I know that if I ever made that decision, I would learn the Italian language fairly quickly. Even if I won’t move here, I would like to learn it anyway.

I could keep going on and on about how great Italy has been so far, but I feel that with this brief tale I have given a clear idea of how much I appreciate living here!