My time in Imperia was really special. It was very challenging at first, and continued to test me physically throughout my time there, but it made me stronger than I knew I could be, and the animals we saw made it so incredibly worth it.

The surveys made me see the sea in a whole new light, and by the time I left, it felt like I couldn’t look out past the beach without scanning the waves for fins. My favorite moment from the Zodiac has to be the sunset bottle nose sighting from our first survey. Not only did I find the atmosphere entirely exciting, since I’d never seen dolphins from that close in the wild before, but it was also very happy and peaceful, with the sky all pink and orange while
the dolphins splashed about underneath it. As for the town itself, I really enjoyed exploring the little winding alleys that make up Imperia’s beautifully-housed hill. With mopeds always rumbling around, the smell of yummy sauces and pizza decorating the air every so often, and ice cream cups filling every trash can, it definitely can’t get more Italian than here.

The team was always cheerful and energetic as well, and their love for what they do filled every space we worked in. There was guidance and information available at every corner, and I ended up learning a lot about the methods of research and the Mediterranean itself.

I truly had a blast and will cherish the memories I’ve made here for many years to come.