My day off!

After a long week in the office, due to bad weather conditions, the moment for a free day had finally arrived. Linn and I decided to go diving, while Andrea and Patrizia preferred to stay home and cook lasagne for the dinner party.

We headed towards Santo Stefano al Mare at 9:30 and we reached the “Nautilus” diving centre, where the divemasters Cinzia, Matteo and Marco welcomed us. After setting up the gears we jumped onto the boat and went to the Secca di Santo Stefano. We were both super happy to dive there because it’s one of the most famous diving spots in Liguria. And our expectations were totally satisfied! Thanks to Marco we spotted four big groupers, two moray eels, barracudas and Linn showed me a wonderful coral. We also went down to 27m, which made me very excited because it was my personal dive record!

Once we got back home after lunch, I still had too much energy to go to the beach and relax, so I took the bike and went exploring the inner land. I do really recommend to future interns to go and visit Villatalla, about 20km from Imperia. There is a very nice stream where you can swim, as I fortunately did since the temperature was very high.