Hey everyone,

My name is Ruby, I am from the United States and study marine biology in Rhode Island. I am going to tell you about my favorite dolphin sighting so far!

Monday June 12:
Today, we began a morning land-based survey at the cannon, but not even thirty minutes in Andrea spotted dolphins! They were quite far away and when I was having a bit of trouble distinguishing the difference between the tiny fins and the waves. After running down to the zodiac, we were on the hunt for the dolphins. Surprisingly, it did not take long at all for us to relocate the dolphins and there were so many more than we thought there would be. Everywhere we looked there were more dolphins! It wasn’t long before we realized there were at least two different groups of bottlenose dolphins, and they were heading towards each other. When the groups combined, the dolphins began playing and doing crazy jumps, flops, and spy hops out of
the water. I had only ever seen dolphins jump in movies and this moment felt surreal.

Additionally, the dolphins were exuding happiness and playfulness that was contagious as we eagerly watched them play. We spent almost two hours taking photos of the dolphins and it was most definitely the best way anyone could start their week.