Hey everyone,

My name is Ruby, I am from the United States and study marine biology in Rhode Island. This is my second month at Delfini Del Ponente and I am going to tell you about my favorite dolphin sighting this month.

Sunday July 9, 2023:
Today was the first survey of the month and we went out in the zodiac at 14:00 for an afternoon- evening survey. This was my first afternoon survey so I was excited to see if there was a big difference to morning surveys. The first couple hours were quite slow and we only saw a couple birds. It was interesting to see the drastic difference in the number of animals we saw in June versus today. Davide told us that we could not give up hope until we were back in the harbor, and lo and behold, as we approached Imperia, he spotted dolphins. The dolphins were spotted just as the sun began to set so when we got to them and started to take pictures, it felt unreal because we were surrounded by dolphins with the beautiful sky. It was an amazing first July survey and a great way to start the month.