My name is Sara, I’m 20 years old and in march 2023 I participed in research activities conducted by the association “Delfini del ponente”.

During my stay I learned new things and I understood what does it mean being a marine biologist: office work, early wake up at 4 a.m. for monitoring and sudden calls during a day off to rescue a marine turtle. It looks complicated and weary but you can experience new emotions and at the end of the day you are very satisfied…for concluding a photo identification or have encountered four different groups of dolphins.

I have always been followed by a supportive team that showed me their passions. Dynamicity and last minute news are very common during a normal day…it means having many different surprises throughout daytime. You can be surprised also during your free time: we often spotted dolphins when walking on the beach or when taking a surf lesson.

Still 5 days left…who knows what will happen…:-)