After the first boat survey didn’t go very well due to a lack of sightings, and some seasickness, our hopes were not very high when we set out the following day for another boat survey.

However, we remained positive as it was a sunny warm day with calm sea conditions so we were ready to spot some dolphins – little did we know we would see over 40! A record number of individuals recorded in a sighting for Delfini del Ponente!

As we approached the dolphins, we realized they were widely spread out over a vast area, so focused on subgroups to capture images of them. As we went from group to group, ensuring we had good photos for photo identification, I noticed the differences in behaviour from calves to adult dolphins. The calves seemed curious and would bring their head out of the water to look at us. They even approached the front of the boat and would bowride!

It was a surreal experience to see them up close and witness them exhibiting various behaviours – an experience I will never forget and hope to see many more times during my internship here!

Saoirse Kirby