“Soffio! Soffio!” A surprising survey for Saoirse

Hello guys!

Several quite incredible updates about a great meet at the sea!

That day the survey day was very similar to most others (except Francesca wasn’t with us). We travelled towards east and saw a small group of dolphins – no surprises there as all of our May sightings were in the east.

On our way back to Imperia, we were offshore passing over a canyon when Davide shouted ‘SOFFIO! SOFFIO!’ which terrified Myrtille and me for a moment as we didn’t understand what it meant. When I looked in the direction of the blow, I saw something much bigger than our usual dolphins…. A fin whale!

We got to work collecting data on the blows, and recording the time that it dove, and surfaced which gave us an indication of how deep it was diving and when it would next resurface. It was fascinating to see the size of the fin whale and shocking, especially in comparison to us on the Zodiac!

It was a great last survey for the interns who left at the end of May, and it’s safe to say Francesca was not happy this was the one day she missed!

Really an unforgettable day!

Kind Regards,