During my stay in Imperia I have sighted not only amazing species of cetaceans along boat surveys, but also during my free time. Picture this: a late evening, the sun dipping beneath the horizon, casting a warm golden glow across the crystal-clear waters of Imperia. As I plunge into a spontaneous snorkelling adventure, little did I know that I was about to be greeted by a captivating spectacle of marine life.
Submerged in the peaceful world beneath the waves, I found myself surrounded by a tapestry of marine wonders of the Mediterranean sea. The visibility that day was prefect, so the crystal-clear waters allowed me to witness the gentle sway of sea plants and fish. As I ventured further, a fish with a burst of colour caught my eye. This elusive creature, with its vibrant blue blotch on his sides and fiery yellow tail, left a lasting mark on my memory.
The Painted Comber, known scientifically as Serranus scriba, is a species of fish that resides in the Mediterranean Sea. Its name describes its appearance; its body decorated with intricate patterns that seem almost as if they were painted by an artist’s brush. The species are also known for their revealing behaviour. They will intriguingly look at predatorial species and scavenge on the remaining of their meal. A fish perfect for snorkelers to use as a sign to find hidden species beneath the crevices. And so during that spontaneous snorkelling adventure of mine, the beautiful Painted Comber had surprised me with the sighting of an intriguing brown moray eel, which I never would have spotted if it weren’t for this mysterious and fascinating creature.