Hi all!
My name is Enni and I’m interested in nature conservation. I am from a small town called Pori on the Southwest coast of Finland.

I have spent most of my life within 20 kilometres from the Baltic Sea, and even though it is not renowned for the diversity of its marine life, I feel like I have taken being close to the sea for granted for too long.

I have always had a love for animals and I was raised to appreciate the outdoors, but I only discovered my passion for biology and nature conservation in high school. From there I moved on to study marine biology in Aberdeen on the beautiful East coast of Scotland, where l will be starting the third year of my bachelor’s this autumn.

Throughout my studies, my fondness for marine wildlife has just increased, and I have grown a particular interest in marine mammals. I have gotten used to spotting bottlenose dolphins and grey seals on the Aberdeen coastline during my free time, but I felt like I was missing experience in scientific fieldwork.

This is why the Delfini del Ponente internship seemed like a perfect fit! Residing by the Ligurian sea would also give me the chance to be introduced to a range of species I am not used to seeing – fin whales, sperm whales, striped dolphins, and sea turtles to name a few – and learn about the differences between the Mediterranean and the colder North and Baltic Seas.

Besides research, I am interested in public outreach and broadening people’s knowledge about our marine life and the importance of protecting it from negative human activity. Therefore, I hope this month will help me broaden my knowledge of not only myself but also others!