Hey it’s me again!

This is my last blog post ☹

I’ve had the most special three months of my life and I’m very grateful for all the amazing experiences I had.

I will always remember what happened last week during our land based survey.

That day, we got up at 5 a.m. to search for bottlenose dolphins.

After only twenty minutes, Andrea spotted something jumping near the horizon. Once sure they were dolphins, we jumped onboard our dinghy to find them.

It was a group of over thirty bottlenose dolphins. They were so curious and playful, and would bow-ride and jump next to us.

What made this sighting special was a newborn!

It was so small and often showed us the whole face as it still had to improve the surfacing and breathing technique.

The calf never left its mum, Davide got some amazing photos where you can see how tiny it is!

I’d love to see more newborns, although even just seeing one is enough for me to go home happy!


Saoirse 😊