Anna and her love for animals


My name is Anna and I am from the Netherlands. Last May, I obtained my Science degree in which I focused on ecology, life science, and cognitive neuroscience. I would like to continue a master’s in 2022, yet unfortunately, I do not have much practical experience. Therefore, I first want to gain hands-on experience in order to ascertain that I want to continue my studies in animals, and more specifically, which animals.

As most interns, my love for animals started when I was a kid – I was the one who would prefer feeding the chickens at a birthday party rather than spending time with the other kids. I also always loved the ocean, happily swimming in the cold Dutch waters. When I went snorkelling for the first time in 2018, something clicked: I wanted to become a marine biologist. Although I am not entirely sure about my future career plans (yet), I would love to somehow combine my love for animals and the ocean, and this internship may help me determine what master’s programme I wish to follow.

Today was my first day out in the field, and we already spotted a group of bottlenose dolphins, many striped dolphins and two sea turtles! I am hoping for more of these lovely days and perhaps a sperm whale or two. Of course, I place the most value on contributing to the conservation of the cetaceans in the Ligurian sea. Whichever animals we may see, I am incredibly excited to continue this adventure in Imperia!