Hello everyone,

My name is Greta and I’m graduated in Aquaculture and Hygiene of Fish production. I’m currently enrolled in the Marine Biology Master’s degree at the University of Ravenna.


In 2017 I joined Ecomare Cram, a marine animal rehabilitation centre located in Portugal, as a volunteer. The centre hosts a variety of animals such as sea turtles (Caretta caretta) and several seabirds including the northern gannet and Scopoli’s shearwater. One of them was a young risso’s dolphin found a few months before near the Portuguese coast which I helped taking care of.

This internship has allowed me to elaborate a thesis  about an ideal intake protocol for the northern gannet (Morus bassanus). Contacting the Tri state rescue bird in Newark and the Evelyn Alexander Wild life centre in New York, rehabilitation centres located along the migratory path of this species, I obtained several data.

I also decided to contact the South African center Sanccob that also hosts the cape gannet, which is very similar to the northern gannet. This way I was able to compare two different species and study why the birds ended up into rehabilitation structures and in which periods the hospitalizations picked.


To date I volunteer at the CRAM of Rimini, a wildlife centre near my hometown. We deal with foxes, porcupines, dormouses, hares and different species of birds.

Working in these structures made me understand how much human activities damage the environment and how important it is to make our best to prevent negative impacts.

During the lock down I decided to work in the field of seabirds monitoring in order to implement conservation measures. This is why I decided to take part in this internship where I am sure I will learn a lot.


Next year I plan to go to South Africa, at the Sanccob center, where I will be monitoring the nesting island of Algo bay.

To make this passion become a job I’m ready to make many sacrifices because I realize this path requires a lot of experience and commitment.

Greta Dotto

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